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This is a really lovely body cream that soaks in to the skin without leaving an oily layer. It very quickly healed dry skin that other, more intense lotions haven’t, that I can only imagine is the down to the fact that the ingredients are all natural. The fragrance is quite intense in the pot but when used, has a very subtle sweet and herby scent that lingers from the base note of the basil. I couldn’t leave the pot out of sight as friends and family would try and steal it for themselves, and every time I used this people were asking what it was and if they could try it. Not only is it a fantastic moisturiser, but due to the fact the fragrance lasts, this would be a great day time cream to supersede perfumes!

I’ve been a fan of yours for only a short time but I am hooked!! I received a hamper of gorgeous treats as a gift (i recently had my twin daughters Ailish & Aoife-Lyn) with an abundance of natural goodies for me and the girls. Amongst them was your completely brilliant Endless Moisture cream. I’m so pleased to have found this as it is truly something else! I have incredibly sensitive, dry skin that reacts badly to a lot of products and stubbornly resists most attempts to nourish or refine it. This dryness results in my skin usually looking very dull and tired, especially at this time of the year. I began using your cream only a fortnight ago but the results are nothing short of brilliant. It is heaven to apply; soothing, gentle and yet providing me with really great results. My skin is already much less rough and dry; the surface texture is noticeably smoother and I can actually feel an increased elasticity. It just looks really healthy and i am excited to see what results will be gained from further use. Nothing I have tried previously has been as effective at nourishing and hydrating my skin so gently and it’s really such great news for me. What I would ideally love to do is introduce you when it is my turn to recommend a new-found product or brand. I am so impressed with this cream and love that I am seeing the clear benefits of using it so quickly. As far as I know, the other parents in the group are not aware of you just yet and I am sure they would be interested to hear about this & just how effective I have found it to be.

Mrs Teresa Cummins

For my Custom Body Butter I chose the Citrus Burst aroma from their Scent Library and WOW! It smells incredible – So fresh and Summery. I don’t have dry skin so bought this for occasional use and for target areas. (I use Blackberry and Basil whipped body creme for more regular use). The body butter is great -when I get a look in…my partner has stolen it and uses it all the time. She normally uses cocoa butter as her skin needs a lot of moisture but she has now switched to the Arabelle body butter. She finds it is particularly good in the sun. Normally a day in the sun would dry out her skin but using the butter in the morning is enough to keep her skin moisturised until the end of the day. For me it is great for areas like feet and elbows and I would definitely recommend this product!

Stephanie Forrest

I absolutely LOVE this soap!!! I just put a couple of squirts on a wash cloth and then gently wash my face and neck in combination with warm water. After rinsing and drying with a towel, my skin feels soft and smooth without the dryness associated with other soaps. It leaves one with a truly refreshed feeling!

I tried the Citrus Medley Lip Balm and it is FANTASTIC! A light coat is all that is needed and it has a beautiful fresh and natural aroma as well. I will be a repeat customer for sure!! Thank You Margaret!

I love this product, I teach swimming 7 days a week and i’m in the pool up to 6 hours a day so my skin dries out from the chlorine. Since using the Geranium and lemongrass castile soap my skin is always moist. I have hardly used any moisturiser after my bath as this soap gives me back the oils I have lost as well as keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and night. This castile soap also smells amazing and I feel the combination of geranium and lemongrass have calming effects that help me sleep at night.