What Oils Do We Use in Our Natural Oil Face Toners?

What Oils Do We Use in Our Natural Oil Face Toners?
August 20, 2013 Margaret

Arabelle Skin Sense is proud to use all natural products in our entire skincare range. Much of our skincare range contains essential oils, which not only produce a delicious fragrance but provide tons of beneficial effects which will help your skin, mood and much more…

Lavender is one of the most common essential oils and has been used on the skin for centuries to ease various ailments. Featured in our Balance It natural oil face toner, it acts as an antiseptic for the skin and helps to relieve skin irritations such as acne, burns and bruises – it can even help to minimise the appearance of scars. Plus, the lovely calming fragrance is proven to relieve stress and aid sleep!

Essential Oils Offer Tons of Benefits

Geranium oil has been used to beautify skin for centuries which is why we are proud to use it in our Endless Moisture natural oil face toner! Offering tons of benefits not just to the skin but health in general, it’s well worth remembering natural oil face tonersthat anything applied onto your skin gets absorbed into the blood – so you’re not only detoxifying your skin and locking in moisture, you’re detoxifying your entire system.

Flower water is a by-product of essential oil production and is gentler on the skin. That’s why we use Lavender water it in our No Flaw natural oil face toner for oily skin. It provides soothing, cooling benefits and acts as an antiseptic too – not to mention the lovely, delicate fragrance it adds to the product!

Frankincense essential oil is known for rejuvenating tired, mature skin, which is why it’s the perfect choice for our Stay Young natural oil face toner. Providing soothing, calming benefits and relaxing the lines of the face for moisturising, this facial toner is the perfect choice for mature ladies.

Get Gorgeous Skin with Our Natural Oil Face Toners

So there you have it – the essential oils we use in our natural oil face toners and exactly why we use them. We source our essential oils from trusted sources to ensure our natural skincare products are of the highest quality – we only want the best for your skin!

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