Do You Know All the Uses for Body Oils?

Do You Know All the Uses for Body Oils?
August 27, 2013 Margaret

The obvious uses for body oils are in the name: body oil is ideal for smooth, soft and healthy skin – especially our gorgeous range which uses all natural ingredients. But there are lots of other uses for body oils, some of which you may be surprised at!

Body oils are fantastic for softening cuticles, and when applied to the feet before bed time it can work wonders for dry skin! Wear thick socks for added oomph.

Soften Cuticles and Rough Skin with Body Oils

We love the gorgeous fragrances of our body oils, created by using essential oils (and we’re sure you’ll agree!) which makes them perfect as an aromatherapy body oils for every mood.  Also with a fabulous choice of scents to choose from everyone can find a scent uses for body oilsthey love by choosing your very own with our custom body oil service! Here you can choose from loads of delicious scents that will surround you all day and can be used as an alternative to perfume or body sprays.

Don’t waste money on shaving cream – use our body oils instead! They guarantee a close shave and reduce irritation too, not to mention using it removes the need for post shave moisturising.

Our luxurious body oils don’t just work wonders for the skin – they can revitalise your hair too! Use a drop or two to help calm frizz or smother a generous amount over your hair before bed, put a towel over your pillow and enjoy luxurious hair after your morning shower.

Try Our Other Gorgeous Skincare Products

Here at Arabelle Skin Sense we are passionate about creating gorgeous natural skincare products and our body oils are just a selection! Take a look at our other lovely products too – luxury body butters are perfect for when your skin needs that extra bit of pampering and moisture!

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