Stay Young Essentials Pack

Stay Young Essentials Pack


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Stay Young Moisturiser - Mature/Tired Skin 50ml

An exclusive blend of very special oils such as avocado, organic rosehip, strawberry seed oil to help combat the signs of aging. We've also used pure rose water that not only gives a really beautiful gentle floral aroma but also maintains all the goodness of the rose plant. Also present is silk amino acid powder that has excellent water binding properties to maintain moisture levels in the skin.  The more moisture is present in the skin the less wrinkles will show.

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Stay Young Oil Cleanser - Mature/Tired Skin - 150ml

For the skin that is advancing in years and in need of slightly more care, we have put together a very special blend of oils to remove make up - even waterproof mascara, combat dryness, signs of aging, help to stimulate cell generation and improve skin's elasticity. It has a resin-like aroma due to the frankincense essential oil. This cleanser does not contain emulsifiers so it will not turn milky. Use just the goodness of the oils to nourish and improve your skin...

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Stay Young Toner - Mature/Tired Skin - 150ml

This toner is for the mature skin and it contains the essential oil of Geranium to help to regenerate and tone; essential oils of Frankincense to relax expression lines and prepare your skin for the Stay Young Moisturiser. It has the woody / floral aroma of rose water and the woody/herby scent of frankincense.

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