No Flaw Premium Essentials Pack

No Flaw Premium Essentials Pack


Save £20 when you buy this bundle of Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and Serum together!

*This offer is valid until November 30th 2015.

No Flaw Cleanser - Oily Skin - 150ml

A really beautiful and rich undiluted cleansing oil made specifically for very oily/acne prone skin. A special blend of natural oils with carefully chosen essential oils to combat oily skin and help control sebum production. This will work perfectly well with our No Flaw Moisturiser. This cleanser does not contain emulsifiers so it will not turn milky. Just the goodness of the oils.

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No Flaw Moisturiser - Greasy/Oily Skin 50ml

Special carrier and essential oils blended to bring oily skin back to its best potential without the use of harsh chemicals. Oil on an oily skin will NOT make it greasy! Instead it will give it an opportunity to regulate its own oil production so that the skin will come into normality. Melon Seed Oil, Papaya Oil feature to ensure that oil production is under control whilst nourishing your skin.

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No Flaw Toner - Oily/Greasy skin 150ml

The No Flaw Toner is made especially with oily/ greasy skin in mind. Use this toner to refresh and close your pores after cleansing with the No Flaw Oil Cleanser. There is no alcohol content to dry your skin; just pure and natural hydrosol (flower water) that will help to control oil production, nourish, keep your skin smooth and soft to the gentlest touch.

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Control Serum - Oily/Greasy skin 30ml

This serum contains carefully chosen carrier oils and essential oils to moisturise, nourish and help to control oil production. It also has a very special oil - Papaya Seed Oil which contains papain enzyme that helps to dissolve excess sebum. It is effortlessly absorbed and the essential oils blend produces a 'citrusy' and floral aroma with the nutty notes from the hazelnut coming through.  For best results use whilst skin is damp from your toner...

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