Pour Moi


Our bespoke service Pour Moi™ is about making luxurious natural skincare and skincare treatment products specifically for you.

Organic skincare is the way forward and under this service we have 4 options for you. You get to determine exactly what you want in your product, how you want it and we will use our expertise to guide and advise you on which ingredients are best and blend for you.


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We all have once in a life-time personal moments, experiences and thoughts. Everyone is different and only you know how the ones you have experienced make you feel. If you could describe these special moments how would it smell or feel?  Our Moments Pour Moi™  bespoke service captures this, by blending pure, high quality natural skin care ingredients, to your specification, producing a scent in a cream, butter or oil that takes you back to that moment or experience.  You will not only enjoy the great benefits of natural skin care but also experience a deja-vous triggered by a bespoke blend…

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This service is for someone who just wants a range of organic skin care products blended for them exclusively because they prefer to have their own unique natural skincare. Just like the A-list celebrities minus the high-price tag.  Perhaps you want a special fragrance or essential oil in your moisturiser, serum, body crème etc.  Or you prefer blueberry seed oil instead of the main stream avocado oil. Like all our bespoke services, we will go through a thorough consultation so that you will be content with the end result. If you want your very own blend call us for a friendly chat.

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A bespoke service for those who cannot find any product in our main range to suit their skin condition and therefore prefer an exclusive blend made for them. Organic beauty products or skin treatments are advisable for anyone with troubled skin.  Perhaps you have ultra sensitive skin, weeping or dry eczema, psoriasis, allergic to nuts, don’t quite like Shea butter, etc. Whatever your reason, we are here to help. We use very special butters and oils such as Illipe, Kombo, Murumuru butters all originating from Africa that are very potent and effective for various skincare needs.

We will go through a FREE 10 minutes phone consultation to determine your initial requirements. Most of the time, we can help in which case we would see you for a full and thorough consultation so that we can select best suited butters, oils, essential oils for your blend specific to the skin condition you wish to treat. As long as nature is still here, we will do our best to help. Call us for your own very special skincare blend just for you.

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A bespoke service for giving organic skin care or natural skincare products as gifts to special people on special occasions or just because. Be it Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day etc. We will go through a consultation to determine what you would like in the gift box. There are numerous combinations but the choice will be yours. Once you have decided on what you wish to present as a gift, we would consider the sizes, texture, scent, gift box, personalising and presentation.

Again, upon agreement, we will proceed to hand blend your chosen bespoke natural beauty products and it will be presented to your satisfaction and to the beneficiary’s delight! Do call us for a friendly chat and make someone’s day!

Arabelle Skin Sense’s Bespoke Service is about making luxurious natural skincare just for you and only you!