Our Principles

We can guarantee that all our natural beauty products comply with the following:

  • 80% of our products are made from plant or floral water which is the steam collected from plants during distillation for essential oils.
  • Premium vegetable oils, fruit oils and plant oils extracted from nuts, seeds, fruits and leaves.
  • Pure essential oils are used in all our natural skincare products
  • Natural and organic butters for nourishment, hydration, healing and moisture
  • Purest form of natural vitamin E that all natural skincare must have
  • Vegetable Glycerine – a humectants that attracts moisture to keep the skin soft and pliable by retaining water and binding it into the skin
  • Optiphen – a Paraben and formaldehyde free and a broad spectrum preservative that combats bacteria, yeasts and mould. Our preservative also has moisturising properties.
  • Coconut and Palm Kernel Oil – for the detergent or foaming agent in our Body Cleansers
  • NO SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate)

Apart from bringing you organic skincare products for your natural skin care, we are also sensitive to the environment so we use minimum packaging in the form of PET, recyclable glass jars and bottles which are 100% recyclable and we URGE you all to recycle your packaging.

PET plastic and our recyclable glass, unlike PVC is fully recyclable and once in landfill, it degrades without leaching any chemicals into the soil. The lightweight nature of PET means there are low environmental transport costs and the durability of the bottle lends itself to many types of uses. The energy used in recycling a PET plastic about 1/10 of the energy used in recycling some types of glass.

We believe looking after your skin is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Your skin is the largest organ and alive – treat it with the respect it deserves by using the very best natural skin care products and as the years go by, you will be glad you did.

Our products have passed the EU Safety Assessment Regulations so you are in safe hands…

Love your skin? Come to Arabelle Skin Sense – We’ll look after you x.