Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

  • How do I change my billing address?

    Changing your billing address is quick and easy. After logging into your account, go to the Billing and Delivery address section. From this point you can edit both delivery and billing address details by simply re-entering the new details.

  • Can I add another payment method?

    Adding an alternative payment card to your account gives you the choice and flexibility to pay online. Once you’ve logged into your account, just go to add a card section and follow the simple instructions. When you enter the neccesary details, your new card will be available for when you next log on to shop with us.

  • How can I unsubscribe from emails?

    You can start and stop your email subscription with us in two ways. The easiest way to stop receiving our emails or newsletters is to use the unsubscribe link in the email that is sent to you. Clicking this link takes you to our website and updates your subscription status.
    Alternatively you can update your email preferences in the My Account area. Please note that we will process your request as soon as possible, but it might take up to 7 days so kindly bear with us.

Products & Ingredients

  • Why do you use mainly fruit, vegetable and butters in your products?

    Fruit, vegetable and butters are pure and therefore maintain most of their minerals, vitamin and antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect us from free radicals such as the sun, smog, smoke and cigarettes that cause rapid aging, wrinkles and cancer.

  • What makes your products better?
    1. Our natural skin care products are toxin free. It is highly likely that the other brands that you use contain one or more of the following ingredients: parabens, urea, sodium laurel sulphate, propylene glycol and colorants. We never use any of these ingredients.
    2. We are cruelty free in that we do not test on animals. All our products are tested by willing volunteers.
    3. Our PET packaging is 100% recyclable and once in landfill it degrades quickly and takes less energy to break down without leaking any chemicals into the soil.
  • Are your products organic?

    Currently, 90% of our essential oils are organically grown although not necessarily with the organic certification stamp.  In our opinion, this is the best way to ensure the highest quality ingredients are used at any given time.  Organic harvesting varies from year to year so we aim to obtain the organic ingredients that are available when we can.  Bottom line, we want to give you natural skincare products that are effective without costing the earth.

  • Since your products are natural, how long can I keep it on the shelf?

    Our products do not contain the aggressive paraben preservative however we do use a broad spectrum preservative that allows you to keep it for a maximum of 12 months. We do advise customers to store in cool dry place and away from direct sunlight and also use their products within 3 – 6 months.  Let’s face it if you have a skincare product that you’ve not used in 2+ years, it is not exactly your favourite is it? And any good it was meant to do would have deteriorated.

  • Why are your moisturisers so light in consistency?

    Our moisturisers are made to be used with the Oil Cleansers.  After using an oil cleanser, your face is already deeply hydrated so a heavy moisturiser is not needed.  All you need is an effective light moisturiser to add onto your already hydrated face to shield you from the elements.  If you feel you want it slightly heavier, you can add a couple of pumps of its serum counterpart.

  • Why do your facial products not have the ‘perfume like’ smell?

    It is because we use only essential oils in all our facial products and not perfume.  Essential oils are active ingredients and when used in the correct amounts, can improve your skin tone and texture.  Essential oils have their own unique smell and may not always smell beautiful.  An example is the chamomile essential oil which is perfect for dry/sensitive skin but does not necessarily smell lovely versus essential oils like neroli, rose or lavender that smell gorgeous.

  • Do I really need a Serum?

    In my opinion serums are essential because they tend to be concentrated in minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential to repairing and restoring what the elements strip off during the day.  Serums are better used at bed time when your body repairs itself most.  They are just the perfect sleeping partners…

  • Why do you sell Body Butters and Body Crèmes?

    The answer is simple – they are different. Body Crème is oil and water emulsion and perfect for all skin types. Body Butter is purely butters and oil blend which is most suitable for very dry, extremely dry, chapped skin or the skin that is always parched and in need of deep hydration. Compared to our body creme, body butter is of a firmer texture due to the high butter content.

Shopping Onine

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept PayPal plus the following credit and debit cards for payment online: Maestro, MasterCard, Solo and Visa. You can safely enter your credit card number via our secure server, which encrypts all submitted information. We will be accepting American Express VERY SOON!

  • Why do I need to register?

    When you register on our website it makes your ordering process quicker and much easier for you. We store your information securely so that when you visit us again online you can simply login with your email and password without having to re-enter all of your information each time you shop. However, the choice is always yours and you can always check out without creating an account.

  • What are your delivery options?

    See our delivery options at the bottom right hand corner of the page or click here: Delivery options