Why is Body Butter Good to Use in Winter?

Why is Body Butter Good to Use in Winter?
September 2, 2015 Arabelle Skin Sense

news-products1Body butter is perfect to use in winter because it helps to combat dry skin. Even eczema prone skin can be soothed by the use of body butter, because it’s basically a super-concentrated body product that contains NO water whatsoever! No water is the obvious characteristic of real body butter with essential oils and nutrients which deeply nourish and moisturise the skin.

Many body butters are completely natural making them the perfect choice for those with dry, sensitive skin which can react to chemically overloaded body lotions. Body butters are ideal for slathering over dry skin, whether it’s just dry patches like your elbows and heels or all over.

Body Butters are Ideal for Very Dry Skin

The body butters from Arabelle Skin Sense are bursting with nutrients and essential oils which work in harmony with your skin to leave it feeling soft, hydrated and healthy. What’s more – they’re completely preservative free! With a gorgeous collection of fabulous fragrances to choose from, there’s a body butter for everyone at Arabelle Skin Sense.

Speaking of caring for your skin in winter, face serums are the ideal seasonal addition to your facial skincare routine. Applied overnight, these nutrient packed facial serums work their magic while your skin is repairing itself naturally. Then you can wake up in the morning with perfectly toned, healthy skin that is ready for the day ahead!

Keep Your Skin Healthy with Face Serums

Here at Arabelle Skin Sense we love creating natural skincare products that make the most of your skin, working with it to bring out your natural beauty. Now you can buy mini versions of selected skincare products so treating your skin beautifully is less costly. Or why not treat someone special this Valentine with a Gift Box where you can choose the products to match your specific skin type? What could be better than the gift of gorgeous natural skin this Valentine?

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